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La Rochelle


747-8, ten thousand feet high above the sky?

747-8, ten thousand feet high above the sky?It is placed on the 747-8 Cargo.

Some great luxury in the sky.

Its passenger cockpit is designed to decrease long-haul flight jetlag. The architecture is cleverly thinking to make flights more comfortable.

Its engines will produce 15 % less carbon than its predecessor.

For the same distance and 10 % of more passengers, kerosene consumption will reduce against 16 % the actual 747-400.

Boeing 747-8

5 from 6 meter longer it provides 51 supplementary places divided on two levels.

Boeing 747-8

Of course, one’s find out all types of gadgets coming from the new latest and highest aeronautical technology to extend your flight comfort (individual screen, movies on demand, bar, …).

Boeing 747-8

Colours, interior light effects, wings design, engines performances… much as new things as good news.
Let me ask you something: is the pilot cockpit with massing leather seat fitted out?

Boeing 747-8

A bit too voluminous for the La Rochelle airport, it is even so welcome there.