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Computer in crocodile leather

Computer in crocodile leatherIt is to a little Japanese society, reputed for its quality of leather goods know-how, that Sony gives the nice task to suit some of its laptop computer.

It is available under three different “flashy” colours: pink, red and brown.
The matching computer bag is of course suggested with the computer.

The ultra laptop computer finishing quality goes further; you will find some little gadgets added such as the mouse and its suitable mat, speakers coloured like the laptop or a luminescent display placed at the laptop base and reacting to the music played.

You can enjoy too a unique customization as Sony suggests to engrave your laptop computer with a text you have chosen. Is not that top of the range class?

Portable Sony Vaio édition Croco

Portable Sony Vaio édition Croco

Portable Sony Vaio édition Croco

Available in Japan only since the 18 April, I bet the crocodile is ready to swim from there to La Rochelle as soon as possible. Who dares not to lay the bet?