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La Rochelle


Ecological yacht ?

Ecological yacht ?Code-X AG is based in Meggen and its directive line of creation is, in one hand, to develop products as exclusive as possible, and in the other hand, renewable energy sources use to serve on a middle or short term a common good.

Luxury products of the brand are technically outstanding.

It brings to its customers the leadership to play a pioneer role on a cleaner road much more respectful of the environment.

In world-wide preview Code-X AG presents the Code-X-yacht, its first product: a synthesis of solar and Formula 1 technology fitted out with engines that request to the more exacting restrictive convention.

This yacht designed without compromises, built by international renowned expert, symbolises a dream.
The best renewable energy advantage and the power of a race machine in a yacht.

UA hybrid propulsion system allows both a low noise nuisances respectful of cruiser environment in harbours or coastal navigation, and the extreme pleasure of high speed on unlimited speed restriction water.

2 combustion engines 8,3l MV10-710 (V10 @ 90°) 2x710 hp.
Torque: 882 Nm for 4800 tr/min - Performance 90 KN.
Solar panels provide energy to 2 electric engines.

So, how do you put the yacht in Les Minimes’ harbour?
A little lorry to pull the little tugging.

A good wrecking crane...

Before buying it in case any harbours of La Rochelle have a vacant place, you need a big space if you wish to place your yacht in your garden ?