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Fiat celebrates the 50 years of Barbie

Fiat celebrates the 50 years of BarbieIt is a much cut, full of charm and so fashioned car, Barbie drives.

The class inside and outside.

Nothing is leaving to chance.

If Fiat wanted Barbie to prefer this little car full of delicacy, instead the Ken’s high-powered car collection, one’s had no way to fail.

We appreciate and notice, Barbie did not take one wrinkle despite her 50th anniversary.

Fiat 500 Barbie

The interior too, varnished as well as her nails, kept all the attention of the Italian manufacturer.

Fiat 500 Barbie

A glossy rose brilliant paint, think also about reserved your car cover.

Fiat 500 Barbie

Seats are surrounding by a natural silk fibre and covered with Alcantra.

Fiat 500 Barbie

Haven’t you ever asked yourself what is under the Barbie’s bonnet?

Fiat 500 Barbie

So much charms and beauty could be concentrated only in the new car of Barbie!
Always so smiling.

Fiat 500 Barbie

Ken can stay in the garage.

Who wants to drive the Fiat 500 of Barbie ? Click here to watch the video!