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La Rochelle


Nightclubs close at 7 a.m...

Nightclubs close at 7 a.m...This hour is legally enforcement on the whole French national territory. That was not the case before. Indeed, the closing nightclub hour changed according to departments.

This governmental resolution appears as a solution to struggle against accident risks due to alcoholism. Right in that point of view, those establishments are allowed to deserve alcohol just until 5.30 a.m.

That represents a gain of an hour and half to keep going on abstemious before taking the road or catch a bus, as the firsts just drive a bit time after 7 a.m. in La Rochelle city.

One step ahead done for Europe !

For a long time ago, thus, our German, Spanish and English friends stop there night much far away in the morning than us. Thanks to this new, they will too enjoy more their next holiday’s time among us.