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The unusual by plants

The unusual by plantsMedusa at home
what a strange object :
A huge success in Japan, the medusa aquarium Aquapict shows beautiful changing colours medusa, swimming cheerfully as in the see, but no one of those are real.

Realized in ultra-realistic silicon material, Aquapict medusas swim and subtly change its colours according to five different possible colours. The lighting system is LED made (red, yellow, green, blue, violet).

Aquapict is an astounding element of decoration which is not a matter of indifference to people.

Could we breathe more pure air please?

Air quality is a worrying subject.

The NASA developed from the eighties to keep astronauts healthy, an air cleanup research programme by plants. With “Bel-Air”, this programme is yet publicly revealed.

Using very widespread plants as the Chlorophytum, “Bel-Air” is a mini portable glasshouse that pumps continuously the air around, back given then after a trip through three natural filters: leafs and roots of the plant and at last a wet bath.

Grass Power

Some people have heard about virtues of grass, but perhaps not this one:
The grass that charges cellular!

It is rather a system to hide your charger and wires under a thick layer of grass 100 % artificial.
Your cellular can this way relax in a better universe than at the corner of your desk.

Think about the deckchair and the UV light for enjoying it more of its charge :o)