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The vampire kiss

The vampire kissTo prepare the « Vampire kiss » you need the following mixture:

  • 4 cl of Vodka

  • 4 cl of Champagne

  • 2 cl of "Liqueur de Chambord"

  • Liquid red sugar

Here we go !

1°) First of all prepare your Martini glass.
With liquid red sugar you decorate the upper round part of it. (You can also use a food colouring or a dessert coulis like: strawberry, raspberry or cherry for example). The most simple is to pour down the colouring on a plate and then, to dip the overturned glass.

2°) Pour 4 cl of your favourite Vodka (avoid fragrant Vodka) you have just kept out the freezer (best place for a Vodka ).

3°) Using an overturned spoon, pour gently 1 cl of “Liqueur de chambord”.

4°) Pour the fresh Champagne.

5°) Always using the back of the overturned spoon, pour quietly the last centilitre of “Liqueur de Chambord” to make it float on Champagne.

You are ready to taste it. Cheers !

Vampire Kiss Cocktail

You find more easily in an off-licence store or on internet the “Liqueur de Chambord”. It mainly exists in 50 cl bottle.

The “Vampire Kiss” is perfect for Halloween and also often served at the Saint-Valentine’s day or all occasion of Champagne.

Alcohol abuse is not safety for the health. Drink in moderation.