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La Rochelle

We are monday 10th may 2021 and we celebrate
Sainte Solange

Tomorrow we shall celebrate Sainte Estelle

Nightclubs close at 7 a.m...
Nightclubs close at 7 a.m...Officially Since Sunday 2009 the 27th December, nightclubs close at 7 a.m.
It’s an appreciated new well received by professionals concerned. This way would La Rochelle’s night, further in the morning continued…

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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray ConceptEd Welburn General Motors Corporation chief designer brings out in the open the Corvette seen in the Michael Bay’s film : “Transformers 2”

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Yike Bike
Yike BikeHere is an electric foldable bike !
Maybe you think it is too heavy, too long, too difficult to fit and pull apart or that it takes too space!

But it’s the entire contrary!

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The vampire kiss
The vampire kissHere is a cocktail especially for Halloween, a drink that knows how to be frightened for the party.

A simple concoction to impress your guests: guaranteed success!
(You must be at least 18th to keep going on read this article)

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Montblanc, watches, pens, jewel…
Montblanc, watches, pens, jewel…For several generations, Montblanc society earns itself an international renowned thanks to its high quality pens.

Montblanc is too an exclusive articles creator for the most demanding people… Just follow the guide.

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BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics
BMW Vision Efficient DynamicsFrom the 17th to the 27th November during the next 2009 International Automobile exhibition, BMW shows its “Vision Efficient Dynamics” hybrid car concept.

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