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La Rochelle

We are monday 10th may 2021 and we celebrate
Sainte Solange

Tomorrow we shall celebrate Sainte Estelle

Gundam protects Tokyo
Gundam protects TokyoGundam directly comes out of a Manga created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yadate in 1979.

Japanese main city equips itself with a giant Gundam 18 m high!

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Fiat celebrates the 50 years of Barbie
Fiat celebrates the 50 years of BarbieDespite the fact the world famous doll had already thousands of clothes in her dressing room and several high-powered cars in the garage, for this celebration, a real car pay tribute to her.

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Ecological yacht ?
Ecological yacht ?Code-X AG, a Switzerland society launches into the ecological yacht development. But, is it possible to build a top of the range product according a renewable energy view of conception?

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The unusual by plants
The unusual by plantsHere is 3 objects much more unusual one to the others. Flora and fauna, there are real things!

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A 100 % ecologic car
A 100 % ecologic carMorgan, the famous high renowned manufacturer celebrates its centenary launching a model respectful of the environment.

None CO2 discharge and the vehicle works without combustible.

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Love letter to the light
Love letter to the lightYou light up my evenings
Fill up my heart with joy

And I appreciate your hotness
Federative of warmth

In my heart the joy takes shelter
Please come back…

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